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Gift Ideas for You

The best thing you can give yourself this Christmas is the gift of freedom and the best bit is it won’t cost you a penny to get it. This Christmas I want you to catch your weighing scales and throw it whole heartedly in the bin. Make sure you are dramatic in the action and that it gets a right old smash as it hits the end of your wheelie bin. I promise you this is one of the most liberating things you will do. You don’t need the scales to tell you that you have put up weight – your clothes feeling tighter or looser will tell you that. The number on the scales has done nothing but make you feel like crap so get rid of it.
I haven’t always had a positive mindset and this amazing “get up and go” that I seem to possess. I was riddled for years with self-hate and criticism and overall I have to admit a feeling of being never happy with anything I had. I have worked hard doing lots of self-development and while I can’t put my finger on what was my catalyst or I can’t list one single thing that switched my  mind over I do know the following things really helped:
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Books – reading is 100% my favourite hobby (after running) and I consume books reading and through listening to them on Audible. There have been a few brilliant books that really gave me insight and really helped me. These sort of books are heavy going so I dip in and out of them. Some fantastic books that really helped me include;

self development book by the name the subtle art of not giving a f


The richest man in babylon

The power of now

the obstacle is the way

I also listened to a lot of Youtube videos and Podcasts as I pottered around and I found Tony Robbins (although a bit too in love with God at times he is still good), Jim Roan and lately Gary Vee amazing influences.

The 4 pillar plan

I loved this very simple but informative book on health. It looks at elements to health beyond what you eat and exercise. The advice is easy to understand and just a nice read. I finished it start to finish in one sitting.

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Through reading and listening to these books and following influencers who think positively I have found a way of thinking that is different to what is normal. Instead of always looking for what I don’t have, I started to appreciate and fall in love with what I already had. I learned to turn expectations into appreciations and I learned that you can’t think positively and negatively at the same time so if I consume my mind with only positive thoughts I don’t give room to the negative ones. It isn’t an easy process and I’d say it has taken me a few years to get to where I am now and I know this is a journey that won’t ever end as positivity needs to be always worked on. I put lots of my thoughts, both positive and negative down in a journal. I sound like a raving loonatic but honestly my way of thinking has genuinely transformed my life. I genuinely no longer want anything, I appreciate things I have, the opinions of other people rarely bother me, I’m no longer afraid of trying things, time has become my most important value and I live life continuously thinking how can I help others and continuously aware that we are all going to die and this is your one shot at it so ride the bloody wave. I avoid negative people; negative situations and I even avoid listening to negative stories (including the news). It is such a nice way to live. It’s like a happy space.

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Davina McCalls Cook Books have been hands down my favourite cook books I got in the last few years. Easy recipes with ingredients you can get down in the local supermarket.

Avoid the Fucket Bucket

This festive season try not throw your health and fitness into the fucket bucket. Christmas is for enjoying but don’t let everything go. I firmly believe that December is a month for building habits and establishing exercise routines but not for going hell for leather. So in December don’t go completely mad. Keep tipping away or your Fucket bucket will make you feel complete shit.

What I do when I have a big night out.

When I have a big night out I am strategic when it comes to my food. On big nights out I always try to save calories during the day to eliminate damage from the night out by merging lunch and breakfast into one meal. I can hold off on breakfast until late in the day and do a brunch instead of two meals. That way I’ve saved myself a few hundred calories and now I’ll happily have the three course meal that evening. Of course you may need a slice of toast and a cup of tea to keep the hunger at bay around 4ish if you are not eating until late.

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