I love this time of year. It is cold, fresh and this week the kids are off from school so the pressures of life are a lifted a little. However, Halloween is a time of lots of junk food and a time that can not only scare the s**t out of you but a time that can knock your self-confidence and self-esteem as often people flip into self-hate mode as they eat all the junk that their darlings bring back from their Halloween escapades.

two skeletons at a party celebrating halloween


So here is my hack to deal with Halloween…………….

1) Don’t set the plan to have no treat. This is completely unrealistic and you will end up hating yourself a bit because you weren’t strong enough to not have anything and then you will end up eating more.

2) Don’t eat “just one” or pick at the junk as you watch your darlings run door to door. This one will inevitably end up as 1+1 = 400.

3) When the madness has stopped and the doorbell is silent, fill a bowl of treats or allocate yourself a small pile of goodies that you are going to have. Make it a decent allocation but don’t go too mad.

4)  Understand that Halloween happens once a year and occasions should be enjoyed.

5) Sit and eat your stash and enjoy every bite. Once your stash is finished, appreciate it and don’t go back for more……………now you are just being greedy and this is when self-sabotage kicks in.

6) Feel proud of yourself that you stopped at the end of your stash. Acknowledge that treats aren’t going to kill you and eating a treat on big occasions is actually healthier for you than obsessing about not having the treat.

7) When the kids are in bed throw out 90% of their stash. I know, I know, this is a complete waste of money but your health is a far bigger investment and in the long run this small act may well save you thousands of euros down the line in terms of health care. Once the goodies are in your house they will be ate. Simple as!

8) Recognise that you set a plan in motion and that by following through on your plan you have actually  made a massive contribution to your health. Now smugly enjoy the rest of your evening and all it has to offer.

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