To lose weight there is no single diet or fitness routine that is the best for weight loss. What is essential is that you understand how weight loss occurs. You can only lose weight if you create a calorie deficit. This means, that you need to use more calories than your body actually needs to function. For example, if I need 1400 calories just to do my normal everyday activities but I want to lose weight then I need to take in less than 1400 calories in my day. To lose 1lb of body weight you need to have a deficit of 3500 calories. This seems a lot but over a 7 day period this means having a deficit of 500 calories per day. It also works in reverse. Eat more calories than your body needs and you will put the weight on.

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How to create a calorie deficit?

1) Eat less: put fewer calories into your body.

2) Move more: when we move we burn calories. When it comes to burning off calories people only ever consider exercise in its workout form (if that makes sense). But, I like to put ‘move more’ into two categories. 1) How much you move during your daily activities, 2) Exercise.

How much you move in your daily activities: most people under value how many extra calories they can burn by simply doing a small bit more throughout their daily lives. For example, you can park your car further from the shop door so you have to walk a small bit more. You can take the stairs not the lift. You can carry your shopping in a basket instead of a trolly. You can stand a bit more during your working day. There are many ways of improving on your daily energy expenditure that will all contribute to your goal of losing weight.

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What exercise burns the most calories? That is a really difficult question to answer as all form of exercise are different and the level of intensity that each individual applies will also become a factor. In my 45 minute live class sessions we would on average burn around 500 calories, which is super. In my online program, the workouts are around 30 minutes so these would burn around 300 calories but when you combine this with our calorie deficit plan people are really getting big results. A one hour power walk would burn around 300 calories.

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