One of the key tips to stay on track when trying to lose weight is to realise that the journey of weight loss isn’t linear and straight forward.

two arrows one has a straight line saying expectation while other one is squiggles saying reality

I firmly believe that once you acknowledge this fact you will have a far better chance of achieving your weight loss goal. Let me share the story of my week with you to help you understand: The past few days I felt a bit off (I was going to say fat, but I know I’m not fat, I just felt off). I ate more junk food that you could possibly imagine. Yesterday I had three bars of chocolate -yes three!  Feeling off every now and then is completely normal, and I would be a fool and a complete liar if I was to tell you that life is always about “you can do it”.   I didn’t run once this week and I was totally feeling like I might actually wake up some morning looking like a seal. Some days you feel low and you don’t want to do anything.

While it is important to acknowledge everyone feels crap at some point or another it is also worth noting that I, like everyone else, am not free from the consequences of my choices and if I continue this behaviour my fear of turning into a seal will actually come true – and not one of those cute baby seals either.


What to do?

Simply acknowledge that is a small bump in the road called life and reset. So that is exactly what I did. After stuff-my-face-day I made myself reset and cop on. On Thursday I packed my gear and headed for a swim in the morning. The thoughts of going swimming were pure torture and if I was given the choice to pull out all of my teeth instead of going swimming I would have happily popped into that dentist chair. But I did it. Then I made sure I had a fabulous lunch by picking up lovely ingredients for a delicious salad. With this done I knew I was back on the band wagon screaming “I’m back”.  It literally took one morning of “making” myself make good choices to feel good again instead of allowing myself to tip on down the road of self-hate and self-destruction.  I will be back on that bad choice road again but I know that I can always jump back off it by applying healthy habits again.


The key message for weight loss is Reset and Go Again