One of the rules I apply in my own life and in my online program is that you should have one treat per day. Oh and wait – it gets better; this treat shouldn’t be one of those “healthy treats” either. It should be something you absolutely adore. Seems mad doesn’t it – a fitness guru telling you to have one treat EVERYDAY.

Treat tips for Weight Loss by Donna Dunne Fitness


Allowing yourself to have a treat is actually a really healthy behaviour and you are more likely to stick to a good food routine all day, knowing you have a treat waiting for you in the evening. If you wait until the evening to have your treat you won’t be picking at the biscuits during the day as you tell yourself “I’ll have mine later”. When you sit down after your hard days work and have your treat you will actually learn that food isn’t something that should make you feel fat V thin, guilty V non-guilty. Food is something that keeps you alive. As you relax, your treat actually becomes a treat not something that “I’ll stop eating these tomorrow”.

Here are my tips when it comes to treats and Weight Loss:

  • Keep your treat under 150 calories.
  • Try choose something that has a wrapper and the entire bit of it is under 150 calories. For example, a full Curly Wurly, versus, trying to have 2 biscuits from a pack. It is too hard to stop at 2 biscuits but you will stop after the full Curly Wurly. Win, win!
  • Don’t cash in too early in the day. If you cash in early, you are more than likely to dip in again later when you are having a cup of tea.
  • Enjoy your treat and don’t feel guilty.  You deserve it and you are not going to get fat because you allow yourself a treat of 150 calories per day.


Some Treat Ideas for You When you are Trying to Lose Weight.

These are just a few examples. There are plenty more treat ideas that come in under 150 calories. You would be surprised! Have a look at the food label to see how many calories are in your favourite treat.  Unsure how to tell how many calories are in an item pop down to the end of the article to find out more.   Taytos are a little higher but still a good choice at 180 calories but too nice not to include as an option;

red cadbury chomp bar

Curly Wurly Chocolate bar made by Cadbury's

Cadbury Purple Snack

Cadbury Fudge Bar orange wrapper with blue writting

Tayto Snax Crisps

Tayto Ranchero Crisp

How to Read Calories?

Turn the product over until you can see the Nutrition label and pop down to where you see calories which is wrote like this kcals. They often look like this:

Food Label on purple bar of chocolate made by the company Cadbury

Next you need to make sure you are reading the correct portion size so you know the true calories. Often the calories are displayed as low as possible so it is important that you take a quick look at the portion bit. In the example below it is telling you that 100g of the bar are 555 calories but the bar isn’t 100g. Two pieces of the bar are 103 calories so you have to work out how many pieces you have. Half the bar will be 206 calories and the full bar will be 412 calories (as there are 4 sets of 2 pieces). The manufactures don’t make it too easy for you to calculate. They don’t want it to be too easy to work it all out so just take your time and do your maths. I also find the app MyFitnesspal a super app for letting you calculate the calories in things. You simply scan the bar code of the product and the information pops up.