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The best diet is one that creates a calorie deficit in a healthy and sustainable manner

It will be more successful if it;

– isn’t one based on restrictive practices that eliminates certain food groups

– that doesn’t measure success by the number on a weighing scales

– one that has a community element where you can share the journey with others

– one that understands that weight gain isn’t as simple as someone eating too much but that there is an underlying psychological need that is causing the person to over eat and self-hate

– one that explains that you do not need to exercise to lose weight. Exercise is just burning more calories but not essential to losing weight so don’t panic if you can’t exercise for whatever reason.

– one that understands that weight loss isn’t instantaneous and that a person’s immediate efforts will not be match by immediate results

– one that doesn’t make you feel like you are missing out.

– one that allows you to celebrate big occasions in life and that every day you are allowed to have a treat.

If you are looking for this sort of sensible approach to weight loss then consider looking at my online program or something similar.

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