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What People Say...

  • Absolutely love Donna's classes...I have become an online regular the last few months and swear by them...only way I can be sure of doing some proper exercises from the comfort of my home...ideal if busy with family/work life! Catriona M
  • 1st week with Donna and I can barely move! Sign of a great class! her vibrancy is infectious and the class felt really quick. Balanced class with weight training,cardio and HIT. Some woman for one woman!! Sarah W
  • Donnas on line programme is excellent and so flexible. She is a breath of fresh air, full of enthusiasm and encouragement throughout all the workouts. Can't wait for the next month . Thank you Donna for driving us on every day . Majella S
  • Another great workout with the fitness queen herself,Donna Dunne. Have to say i'm loving it. Great class,great instructor,great value. Only regret is that I didnt try this sooner. John D
  • Excellent classes, always challenging, great results. Donna is a fantastic instructor (torturer, lol), always encouraging and funny!!!. Classes are great value. Personally, I don't think there is a class in town that could match what Donna does. Teresa C
  • Donna is a talented teacher, with such a positive approach to motivate you to do your best and she gets the best out of everyone, no matter how fit or unfit you are. Her classes are challenging and each week is different to the last. I always come out of her class buzzing and dying for more! Orla M
  • Just complete my first ever 10k (1min walk.1min jog) all thanks to this amazing women. From the moment I walked into her class she has shown me noting but encouragement, motivation and the you got this attitude !! Caroline R
  • Second 10k ever and completed them both within a week of each other!! I would never have dreamed of signing up for either of them without the encouragement from Donna!! She is fantastic at what she does and such a brilliant motivator!! Bernie G