You are more than just a number to me. I personally activate every single account instead of automatic activation so that I can get to know you. Manual activation means that you might have to wait a short time before you get a reply (an hour or two or if it is late in the evening you might not get a reply until the morning) but at least you have the comfort of knowing I genuinely care about your progress. Your success is my number one concern.


Online Gym with Live Classes Subscription

€10 per week will automatically come out of your bank account.

  • Click submit & it will take you to the payment link. Please note, you are more than just a number to me in this program so all accounts are manually activated. It takes a short time from your payment to me activating your account and if you sign up late in the day you won't get a reply until business hours tomorrow. I'm looking forward to our journey together.
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