i run 3 different programs

Complete Beginner Program

This program is for people who have zero fitness levels and for those who feel lost in terms of their Health & Fitness. This 5-week program acts as a stepping stone to help people go from zero fitness to a place where they could do my Fitness & Weight Loss plan. This program is centered around the knowledge that most people in the group feel lost, unconfident and most of them have tried every diet under the sun. This program is kind, gentle and people usually do it 2-3 times before they are ready to step into my Fitness & Weight Loss plan. For more information on this program, click here:

Fitness & Weight loss Program

This Program is a mix of weight loss guidance, personal development, nutrition &, lifestyle information, and of course my brilliant fitness classes to get you in the best shape of your life and show you how to not only lose weight but keep the weight off for forever. Workouts are available on demand and you access everything by logging into my web platform at a time that suits you. Workouts are a mix of online videos with me, where I take you step by step through each movement, and a brilliant couch to 5km walk/run program that is done as a podcast.  It is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. I am a gifted fitness trainer and an even better educator and I know I am changing many people’s lives by not only helping them lose weight but helping them change their mindset and lifelong habits that ensure that when they lose the weight it stays off. This program is all about helping you change long term. For more information cick here;

live & on-demand fitness classes

This program is for people who want to train consistently with the best in the industry. This classes only program does not have any diet information and it is ideal for those who are just looking for workouts. In this program, I stream 5 new classes a week, of all which are uploaded and available on demand via my webplatform. For more information cick here;