The struggle you feel is actually called progress.

Day 101

Going slow and steady and accepting that you are going to have bad days allows you to stay going on this weight loss journey without losing your marbles.

Day 102

You have to become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. When you are feeling like you are not able or that this challenge is too much, remind yourself that feeling like that is a good thing. You can only grow and get better when you are outside your comfort zone.

Day 103

You get what you repeat. Tell me your current habits and I’ll tell you where you will be in a year from now.

Day 104

You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your system. Having goals is all well and good but if you don’t have a system to achieve those goals then you are at nothing

Day 105

You can’t find extra time – you have to make this work with your existing life.

Day 106

What you give to yourself nobody else can take away.

Day 107

Your success in your fitness and weight loss journey lies in building a long-term routine – not in going hell for leather for a few days and then finding you can’t keep it up. A realistic and more successful approach will see you looking for the time gaps in your life and committing to exercising 2-3 times a week at those time slots consistently.

Day 108

Waiting on perfect is just a defense mechanism. Perfect doesn’t exist. There is no perfect time, no perfect program, no perfect program, no perfect mindset. There is only action.

Day 109

Remember the value is in the showing up. It doesn’t matter how bad your workout or performance goes – what matters is you show up.

Day 110

Age has nothing to do with why you are not in shape. It’s your mindset. Convince the mind. The body will follow.

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