Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most................Abraham Lincoln

Day 11

All big things come from small beginnings.

Day 12

You have to change who you believe you are if you want new habits to build. If you keep telling yourself you are someone who carries weight, guess what, you’ll always make decisions in line with someone who carries weight. If you identify yourself as someone who is into their health and fitness then you’ll make choices and decisions in line with someone who looks after their health and fitness.

Day 13

The workout quality doesn’t matter. All that ever matters is you put your runners on and you start – what you do, how long you do makes no difference. All that matters is that you do. decisions in line with someone who looks after their health and fitness.


Day 14

Change isn’t instantaneous. It isn’t quick. It isn’t a click of your fingers and I don’t have a magic genie in a bottle to change you overnight. Change in reality is taking small actions, small steps bit by bit, day by day, habit by habit.


Day 15

You do not lack motivation – you lack a concrete plan of taking action.

Day 16

Waiting on perfect is just a defense mechanism. Perfect doesn’t exist. There is no perfect time, no perfect program, no perfect program, no perfect mindset. There is only action.


Day 17

The prouder you are about your actions the more motivated you will be to continue them. Create a system where you get to tick off your workouts. It will be a game changer when it comes to staying. motivated.


Day 18

Dream big but think small. Set big goals but you have to break those big goals down into small actionable steps.


Day 19

People are too worried about where they are today. What I am worried about for you is where your current habits and lifestyle are directing the future you.


Day 20

I want you to concentrate on building a system. What you are trying to do is create a system that – when situation X arises, I do Y. For us situation X is a set time on a set day and Y is your exercise. Science shows that people who plan to do a set behavior in a set situation have more success implementing new habits in their lives.

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