It won't happen overnight.
But if you quit,
It won't happen at all.

Day 31

Stop thinking you need a miracle. Realise that you are that miracle.

Day 32

You can’t be a victim and a victor at the same time. Choose!

Day 33

You don’t just magically believe you are someone new, you become someone new by taking action and doing stuff. When you do stuff and take action you don’t just believe that you are brilliant, you feel brilliant because you are proud you did stuff.


Day 34

No More – I’ll do it tomorrow. No More – I can’t because. No More – I’m too tired. No More – I would if I could. No More – I’m not good enough. No More – excuses.


Day 35

You have to wake up every morning and tell yourself “I can do this”.

Day 36

You are the best project you will every work on.


Day 37

Today is another chance to get better.


Day 38

You either quit or keep going. They’re both going to hurt.

Day 39

You don’t need to be motivated every day. Motivation comes and goes. What you need to be is disciplined. Discipline will take you further than motivation every will.


Day 40

I want you to concentrate on building a system. What you are trying to do is create a system that – when situation X arises, I do Y. For us situation X is a set time on a set day and Y is your exercise. Science shows that people who plan to do a set behavior in a set situation have more success implementing new habits in their lives.

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