We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

Day 81

Wishing things to be different isn’t going to cut the mustard. We don’t live in Disneyland cinderella. If you want something to change you have to take action and make things happen.

Day 82

Stop waiting to feel something. There is no feeling, there is no motivation, there is no nothing. There is simply forcing yourself to do it.

Day 83

Let go of all or nothing. When you aim for all – you end up with nothing.

Day 84

You are your problem and you are your solution.

Day 85

You telling me that you don’t have time for fitness, you don’t have time to do the exercise is absolute horse and donkey bollix. You do have time – you are just not prioritizing yourself and I need to call you out on that.

Day 86

When you are tired learn to rest – not quit.

Day 87

You cannot pour from an empty jug. Look after yourself first so that you can look after those around you even better.

Day 88

Stop making decisions about your health and fitness based on how you feel. You have no control over your feelings, you only control your actions. You have never felt like doing it, you are never going to feel like doing it so stop waiting on something that is never going to happen and just do it.

Day 89

When you fall off the wagon I want you to talk to yourself like you would speak to a friend who has done the exact same mistake.

Day 90

The truth is it is never to late to change. So long as their is breath in your lungs there is hope in your heart.

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