Beginners Program

A stepping stone program helping you along a fitness journey

The First Step

This year I did some research and realised that I had so many followers and people who would only love, love, love to join my fitness plan but they simply felt too unfit and too unconfident to start. It was from this that I realised that there was a big need for a stepping stone program that would take people from zero fitness levels along a fitness journey in a slow and gradual manner and get people to a place where they could start my fitness and weight loss.

What is it?

The Complete beginner program is a four week program all delivered online to you in the comfort of your own home.

You press play on your phone, laptop or computer at a time that suits you and together we do a fitness class. Classes start at 10 minutes in duration and over the four week period I will build your fitness levels up so you will be able to participate not only in my Fitness and Weight loss program but in any exercise class of your choice. My goal is simple – to start you on your fitness journey in a kind and non-stressful way and to help to build up your confidence.

How it Works

I list an exercise class on every day of the four weeks but you won’t exercise every day (because that would be mental). You will simply pick two or three days in a week and join me for a class. Equipment wise, we begin in week one with just an exercise mat and we progress to using two bottles of water as weights in week 2.

You won’t need any other equipment for the rest of the weeks unless you want to increase the weights you lift and if that is the case you can pick up a set of light dumbbells.

Registration Closed

This program is currently closed. Please check back soon or email me to find out the next start date.