Fitness and Weight Loss

If you are looking for weight loss, improved fitness and to change to your mindset then this is the tribe for you.

I have been running my brilliant Fitness & Weight Loss Program online for years. This program is not about quick weight loss results but it is about chaning your life so that fitness isn’t something you do to lose weight but that fitness becomes part of your norm. This program is a lifestyle change with continuous content delivery. Payment is done weekly so you can join for one week or you can stay as long as you like.

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Who is this for?

This is suitable for people who are fit and also people who are not fit and only starting their fitness journey.

This program is an educational program where we look at mind-set, nutrition and understanding health and wellness from a holistic perspective. I set daily food goals and provide daily workouts that you can do at a time that suits you. These workouts are a mix of online videos with me, some LIVE classes with me on our Facebook page and a brilliant couch to 5km walk/run program that is done as a podcast. You can do any of these workouts at a time that suits you and no one on the program exercises every day. Most people are doing 2 to 3 workouts a week.

Food Education

We don’t do restrictive diets here and you won’t get a strict meal plan – simply because these do not work long term.

What you will get is education and I’ll show you how to lose weight but keep that weight off forever. My job is to help people long term and help people break free from the yo-yo diet cycle that so many of us find ourselves in.

Cost & Registration

The program is super and it only costs €6 per week.
  • Click submit & it will take you to the payment link. Please note, you are more than just a number to me in this program so all accounts are manually activated. It takes a short time from your payment to me activating your account and if you sign up late in the day you won't get a reply until business hours tomorrow. I'm looking forward to our journey together.
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