Online Gym

Join people that exercise 3/4 times per week. Everyone here is aiming to approve on their already good level of fitness.

For years I was teaching fitness classes in Kilkenny but since COVID hit I moved all my classes into my online platform on my Donna Dunne Fitness Online Gym Program. This program is like being a member of a gym. Join me live three mornings a week  for an amazing workout or log on at a time that suits you and avail of my wide variety of classes including Hiit Classes, Pilates, Spinning, Running couch to 5k, Weights Only classes, Core classes. With  my Online Gym you get the choice of 23 different fitness classes per week.

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Live Classes

With this program you get two ways to access classes.

If you like to join me LIVE for classes I stream classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6.30am and on Saturdays my gorgeous and talented Lithuanian friend Joana Malakauskiene teaches Pilates in our private Facebook Group. These classes are streamed live but stay on the page all the time if you want to do them.

Login & Workout

The second way to access classes with this program is in my ONLINE gym.

This part of the program is accessed via my website where you login and get access to 23 different classes per week (spinning, running couch to 5k, kettlebell class, weights only classes, core classes, 20 minute Hiit classes).

Cost & Registration

All of these classes can be done at a time that suits you. The cost of this program is €10 for everything - yes you read right, €10 per week for everything.
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