I’ve been signed up to Donna’s fitness’s group for a few years now- I joined when my little girl was 2 and she’s nearly 5 now. I dip in and out depending on what’s going on in my life(and i like that Donna doesn’t put any pressure on you if you want to take a break! but over the course of the time I’ve gone from being a reluctant runner to a regular 3-4 time a week runner, with running becoming such an important part of my life in terms of finding some time for myself, de-stressing as well as fitness benefits. Donna’s programme has equipped me with a sustainable approach to losing weight but more so it’s about a lifestyle where I’ve broken the negative connotations with having an “ice-cream/take-away” which ultimately sent me into a spiral of destructive eating. Donna’s “no nonsense no bull“ approach works so well because you can relate to her whilst she puts you through your paces. Even though I’ve never met Donna, I feel like she’s a friend now, albeit one that is a bit annoying and makes you haul your ass out of bed for a run when you were pressing the snooze button. Ultimately the results you get are down to you, but having Donna equipping you with straightforward advice has really helped me and it’s the programme I’ve consistently come back to.


Donna…. Thank you for creating such an amazing, affordable, inclusive program. This is what I’ve been looking for forever! I’ve been doing the beginner program for the last week and a bit ….. thank you for including this … it’s a great place to get going. The biggest change in me so far = I’ve stopped telling myself “I can’t” and now I hear myself say “I can and I am”. It’s incredible. I wasn’t expecting that. Thank you.


Donna, your online classes are so good, my fitness has improved so much since I started them, highly recommend people give them a go, they will feel amazing after them, well done, u are a superstar!


So I started my journey with Donna on the 4th January 2021. Loved Donna’s attitude from doing the kids workouts during lockdown 2020. So almost 6 months on and what can I say. I’ve lost 18lb and 22 inches. Donna thought me to love food and not too feel guilty for eating the not so good food. The most important thing Donna thought me was the time is the time. There are no excuses and it’s pure determination. I locked in my time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 715am.  Workout/run done. Having a busy household with 2 young boys it’s done before they wake up. In my words “setting yourself up for the day”. I love Donna’s constant words of encouragement, she’s always at the end of the phone if you need guidance and support. I started out by joining the beginners programme for the first 5 weeks. This was the foundation to my success. Moving on to the fitness and weigh loss programme. I started running not something I ever enjoyed. Now having caught the “running bug” I’m running 5k 3 mornings a week. I also enjoy the kettlebell classes well the first 20 minutes .  I can honestly say this is the fittest I’ve ever been and no foods are off limits. There have been bumps in the road. Along the way I have gained a few pounds so I draw a line and go back to basics. The determination to lose the few pounds slowly, shows long term results. Being accountable for yourself thought the fb group is what keeps me determined to get to my target with just 2lb to lose. Donna’s workouts are tough but with Donna’s personality it’s like a live class. Always having a laugh as  doing them So this is the huge thank you for changing my life and health for the better. Looking forward to the future workouts.


I started the program in September 2021 and I love it, great to access everything online. I love how it’s done on a daily/weekly /monthly  basis so easy to follow. Love the daily goals, love the choice of exercise classes and running Podcasts, it’s great for variety and you can try something new, whatever takes your fancy. Love the motivational videos & WhatsApps messages. It’s such a great program in all aspects for body & mind. No pressure or weigh-ins, a good honest program that gets rid of the guilt and comparing yourself to others, you can do what’s best for you in the privacy of your own home any time that suits. Would highly recommend this program.


I messaged Donna about starting her programme with a 4 month old and while training for a 10k and asked her would it be too much.  She said it would be too much and to go meet my friends and come back to her when I was ready.  So I did….during lockdown when the baby was 6 months old and a few weeks after my mother had died which Donna didn’t know. Following the food plans and concentrating on exercising got me through some tough weeks. Yes I lost weight but more importantly I got through that time and coped with the sadness. I’m training again for a 10k but this time I feel in control and I’m looking forward to it not dreading it and feeling under pressure like last time. For me Donna’s plan is more about prioritising time for me so I can do a better a job at work and at home and be a happier me regardless of what life throws at me.


I contacted Donna by email when I was feeling really crap, unable to see any way to lose weight. I never really expected a response but just a short time  later Donna contacted me directly , spoke a lot of truth , made me laugh and most importantly made me believe I could do it…. I signed up to the beginners course, which is really targeted at people starting exercise. A few weeks later I was ready to move onto the weight loss program…which on top of classes teaches you about healthy food . Donna sends a fab weekly magazine which is full of advice and insight.  Donna really knows her stuff, she is real, no bullshit and she cares about her clients…. She is genuinely dedicated to improving people’s health. She is so helpful and also a little crazy which just adds to her charm. I highly recommend Donna and her no bullshit honest programs.


Cannot recommend this lady highly enough. I’ve spent years doing every diet under the sun always to gain weight back on. In Jan 2021 I promised myself I would not be in a place I was last summer with covid weight gain. So on 5th Jan. I started fitness and weight loss programme. I lost 10lb the first month and since then I happy to say I’ve kept it off. The main thing for me though Is the exercise habit I’ve created with Donna’s help. I now exercise 5 days a week and never felt better. It’s not a chore it’s a habit. Highly recommend.


Only at the start of my journey with Donna but everything already makes SO much sense . I feel less pressure and I  feel like I’m taking positive steps in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing some results (mentally and physically )  and making lifelong changes. She is so approachable and feels like a mentor and a friendly source of advice!