Videos To Watch First

Get Your Head in the Correct Space

Success is no accident. It is hard work, sacrifice, learning from failure, and persistence


Starting off you will need a set of dumbbells and a fitness mat.

Your Dashboard

How to navigate your dashboard.

The Workouts

I'm currently re-doing all the workouts in the program. Please bear with me as I work my way through all these improvements. The old ones are grand but I'm a perfectionist and I can do better

How to Approach the Program

You are the product of what you do every day and I want to make sure I show you how to go about this program in a very practical and real way.

Weight Loss is an Outcome of Good Health

If you want to get thin, focus on getting healthy.

Failing Forward

Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.

You must plan your exercise

Hands down this is one of the biggest mistakes people make.

Can you do any exercise?

The only way this program will work is if you make a plan that suits your life and what you are interested in.

Where is theFood Plan

Everyone wants me to tell them to eat ABC but I know the key to success is not to tell you what to eat but to teach you what to eat.

Stiff & Sore

At the start of this journey you are going to feel so stiff and so sore and not only will you ache from head to toe your mind will convince you that you are not able for this program. Trust me - you are able. Watch this video for some extra reassurance.

Restart, reset, refocus as many times as you need to

This journey is the ultimate reset journey

The Rules

Have you ever met a teacher who does not love a good set of rules?


I want to use Facebook for what it was designed for - a central hub for a community of like-minded people to communicate and connect. Please feel free to ask me questions, share updates or recipes, or anything you want in the group. If you hate social media then don’t use Facebook. This program is really about doing what works for you.

Let's Be Real

I’m a realist and I recognize that logging on to a website and checking videos on what you need to do today is not always possible and quite frankly it can be a pain in the hole. If you find yourself in this place don’t panic - I think if you were to simply watch the WhatsApp videos I send you and do a bit of exercise you would be doing alright

Your Final Video

After this video I want you to pop to the program and do a bit of exercise. I'll be here every step of the way with you.

You've got this.

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