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The words below are reviews I recieved from my customers. Most websites make up reviews. I’ve no interest in making up what people think. Instead I simply asked my customers to share their thoughts. My program isn’t a miracle worker and it doesn’t suit everyone. I hope the words below give you a true insight into what it is like to be a member.

Losing weight and getting fit is more than what you eat and how much you exercise.

Over the years, I have joined slimming classes, gyms, online classees, you name it and I have never experienced anything like ‘Donna Dunne Fitnss.’ Donna has a wealth of knowledge, she is real, passionate about what she does, so supportive. Donna doesn’t only work on clients fitness and weight loss but mental well-being also which contributes to success. She is in constant contact with clients if needed and just when you think you are slipping, Donna pops up to help you ‘steady your ship.’ Donna’s classes are such good value for little money……… 

Donna’s program is just fabulous, so much variety in the workouts, daily advice, and a supportive ear is always on hand. I find the accountability is invaluable to me and I have never stuck to an exercise plan for this length of time ever in my life. There is something to suit everyone on this plan and Donna is the best. I always feel like I’m chatting to a friend when we are talking.

I started the Beginners Program in May with Donna, and I moved on to the Fitness and Weight loss Program. I have to say both programs are very realistic and achievable. I love that Donna takes real life into consideration.

Donna’s program has been life-changing. I love the honest, brilliant WhatsApp messages that always connect. Women need women and it’s the support, the listening ear, and the ‘I can do’ messages always that make such a difference in my life. This program is an essential part of my life. It isn’t always easy but it is always worth it. Thank you Donna.

The best thing about Donna is that she is not just about food and fitness but she encourages us to be kinder to ourselves, to forgive ourselves, to show up for ourselves, to live and enjoy life, to move our bodies and reminds us how to lean into how good it makes us feel. Donna wants us all to form healthy habits. Her unique talent is so rare to see, I’m so glad I’ve found her. I highly recommend joining xxxxxxxxxxx

People think they are looking to lose weight, they aren't - People are ultimately looking to feel great and I teach people that if you focus on how you feel you can feel happy now while you work towards your weight loss goal

“Donna, my newfound annoying little fitness buddy, has me parking 15 minutes away from my office – because that is here I’m going to build my fitness into my daily routine”……Jokes aside, her honest, friendly approach to fitness is no joke! Thanks to her relentless cheerleading, I’ve not only shed two dress sizes but I’ve also managed to reverse Type 2 diabetes. Who knew parking further from work could actually have a real life impact on your health. Donna I could kill you but you are my MVP. Thank you for being you. My annoying MVP buddy making fitness annoyingly fun and enjoyable!”

You can't create more time so I teach people how to build fitness into their current lives. Fitness has to be part of your life

People always say the nicest things:

Having tried several PTs, diets, exercise programs, gyms, classes and weight loss groups down through the years nothing has ever come close to the exceptional service, knowledge, personal touch, experience, value for money and craic offered by Donna Dunne. It is second to none. The motivational talks and videos given by Donna are worth their weight in gold and her one liners are forever ringing in my ears whenever I start to feel like giving up. I cannot recommend this program enough. Best decision I ever made. 

I really love what I do and I am so proud that my messages are making such a big impact on people

Donna is strong but kind and her no nonsense approach makes you want to achieve your fitness goals. She looks at improving your lifestyle in a sustainable way without selling fad products or compromising your mental health. She trule is a wellness professional. The mix of daily group Whatsapps, endless supply of workouts and weekly check ins  makes her program ideal for me a I tackle the weight gained after having my 3 babies. I’m so grateful to her for her guidance.

You can have as much or as little accountability as you like. Some people like to check in weekly with me, while others touch base every couple of weeks.

Donna’s energetic, no-nonsense, straight-up approach is absolutely brilliant. I use her online recorded classes and they’re fantastic because she is smart enough not to overwhelm you (Im’ a beginner) to build you up slowly to start the habit of exercise. She is such crack during the workouts it feels like she’s actually with you in real life and rooting you on all the way. I initially started the Beginner Program and I did that twice before moving up to the Fitness and Weight loss plan. Donna is so supportive and just instinctively knows how to give you that little push that you didn’t know you need. Than you Donna, you’re the best in the business and I’m so delighted to have you in my corner. 

I always encourage my beginners to do at least 2 beginner programs before moving up. Some people love the beginners they stay at that level and that is cool - you do what works for you

I could add 100s of reviews but it is important you know that Online doesn't suit everyone. Sometimes you need to see people. Sometimes you are just lonely and you need more human connection. The key is to figure out what works for you.

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